Sailor Moon: SuperS

In Sailor Moon: SuperS, the story arc centers around the concept of beautiful dreams. All people have dreams of their own that they'd like to achieve. This story brings about violating someone's ability to dream, and trying to ruin what it means to have a beautiful dream. The Dead Moon Circus arrived on Earth through a solar eclipse with the hopes of finding Pegasus, the guardian of dreams to achieve their evil plan. The plan is headed by Queen Neheliena, queen of the Dark Moon Kingdom. Only a few of the episodes in the arc develop Chibi Usa and Helios' relationship, but they do a really great job expressing the two's destined connection. As for the manga, well I haven't read up to that point yet, but I'll update this when I do. I'm still on volume 4 of the re-release.

The relationship blooms

I'll update this section with a manga view later on once I actually get to the arc. This view is based on the anime for now. This section is quite long and a year old so please bear with me. XD

At the start of Meeting of Fate! The Night A Pegasus Flies!, a voice calls to Chibi Usa in her dreams. The voice leads her to a forest where she discovers a beautiful white horse with wings. In the middle of his forhead is a golden horn. Chibi Usa reaches out her hand to touch the horse, and asks who he is. He urges her to not tell anyone of their meeting.

On Earth, the Amazon Trio are targeting human girls and expose their dream mirrors (a window to a person's dreams). They look inside them to see if Pegasus hides within. Chibi Usa meets Pegasus again while she is Sailor Mini Moon and he transforms her into Super Sailor Mini Moon along with Usagi as Super Sailor Moon. In the beginning stages of their meeting, Chibi Usa only saw Pegasus when she was in trouble while facing the Amazon Trio. In Protect a Mother's Dream! The New Attack for Double Moon!, Pegasus upgraded Mini Moon's compact so she could perform "Moon Crisis, Make up!" alongside Sailor Moon, and also upgraded her Pink Moon Rod into the Crystal Carillon which is used to perform Twinkle Yell.

For a while, Chibi Usa dreams of Pegasus and longs to see him. In Hearts That Communicate! Chibi Usa and Pegasus, Tiger's Eye unleashes a monster that attacked Pegasus as soon as he was summoned. She turned Pegasus into stone and since Chibi Usa is connected with Pegasus, she too was affected. She fell under a trance and was taken inside her dream world. There, the creature Hebihanabiko, tries to trick Chibi Usa into taking Pegasus for herself and harnessing his power. Chibi Usa cries out in defiance and tells the creature she wants to become friends with Pegasus and not to control him. Her defiance casts Hebihanabiko out of Chibi Usa's dream and restores Pegasus, allowing Super Sailor Moon to destroy the creature.

Afterwards, Chibi Usa is alone in her room. Pegasus appears to her and smiles, telling her that he'd love to become her friend. Chibi Usa is extremely happy as she'd been hoping to learn more about Pegasus. She quickly asks him his name, but Pegasus tells her "I'm sorry, I can't tell you that." Chibi Usa nods and tells Pegasus that their friendship can start off slowly so they can get to know each other better. Pegasus gifts Chibi Usa the Stallion Reve, a sort of crystal globe, and tells her that she can speak to him any time she wishes, so long as they are alone. She promises to keep their relationship secret.

Throughout the early part of the series, Chibi Usa becomes enamoured with Pegasus and talks to him almost every night in her room. She tells him about her day and even asks him questions about things she feels confused. Pegasus offers her advice or his opinion on some of the subjects she brings up. Their bond started to blossom the moment Pegasus gifted her the Stallion Reve.

Pegasus is gone!? Swinging Friendships! takes a very important turn in Chibi Usa and Pegasus' relationship. A classmate of Chibi Usa's is attempting to achieve his dream of flying his very own man-made airplane and Chibi Usa tells Pegasus all about it. She informs him that he does not wish anyone to interfere with his dream. Pegasus reassures Chibi Usa that Hiroki probably wishes to fufill his dream with someone that shares a similar one. That night, Pegasus tells Chibi Usa he'd love to see her friend's flying machine. Chibi Usa happily tells Pegasus that she can help him do that by taking him in secret to watch. She takes the Stallion Reve with her inside a small bag and shows Pegasus what her friend is doing.

Their quiet time is cut short when Usagi and the girls sneak up on Chibi Usa, surprising her. Chibi Usa snaps the bag closed to hide the object hidden inside. A few hours later, Chibi Usa and Pegasus are talking alone in the park at night. Chibi Usa becomes worried about their friendship. She explains that while she's told him all her secrets, he has not told her anything at all about himself. She asks Pegasus, Do you even like me? and he quickly responds, Chibi Usa, please don't ask me that. Chibi Usa is taken aback by his reply and begins to tear up. Pegasus senses the doubt in Chibi Usa's questions and pleads with her Just trust me, please. and the Stallion Reve disappears. Chibi Usa cries out in a panic.

Chibi Usa stares out into the city wondering why Pegasus won't answer. Mamoru asks her what is on her mind and she asks him if he can talk to Usagi about anything and if they are more than just friends. Usagi soon comes by to walk Chibi Usa home, but Chibi Usa beings scolding Usagi for being nosy, butting into her business and peeking at whatever she is doing because she has secrets she can't tell even her. Chibi Usa realizes soon enough taht she was being too nosy with Pegasus and bombarding him with questions when there are still things he can't tell her, even though they are friends.

The next day, VesVes, one of the Amazonness Quartet, targets Hiroki for his dream mirror. Chibi Usa transforms into Super Sailor Mini Moon and tries to ward off VesVes and her shadow creature until the other Sailor Soliders arrive. When things get shaky, Mini Moon is afraid to summon Pegasus for help and thinks she has no right to do so when she treated him so poorly the night before. Mini Moon alerts Sailor Moon and the others that she can no longer call Pegasus. Sailor Moon reassures Chibi Usa that no matter what, Pegasus will always be there for her if she believes in him.

One more time, Chibi Usa clasps her hands together and asks Pegasus to help them. Thankfully, Pegasus appears the sky once more, and helps Usagi defeat the shadow nightmare creature with her Moon Gorgeous Meditiation. Pegasus calls to them and says If you always believe in your dreams and in me, I'll always be with you. The next day, Hiroki flies his plane sucessfully, and Chibi Usa thanks Pegasus and says she believes in him. The Stallion Reve appears on Chibi Usa's windowsil once again.

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