Calm before the storm

Transcendent is the one and only fanlisting dedicated to the amazing character Son Gohan from Akira Toriyama's anime/manga Dragon Ball Z. This fanlisting is proudly listed at The Anime Fanlistings Network under the Characters: 0-M category.

Son Gohan is gentle, pure-hearted, and just. Gohan has a hidden power deep within himself that he did not know existed. It only emerged when he was succumbed by fury and rage when in battle. At his peak, Gohan has transcended at a young age and grew up rather quickly. He did not have a fighter's instinct like his father, but would still fight for those he loved.

I would like to thank the Anime Fanlistings Staff for giving me the opportunity to run a fanlisting for one of my absolute favorite anime characters of all time. It's a huge deal to me! Thank you!