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Eden's love for DBZ

Dragon Ball Z is and will always be, my fandom. It's my home. There is no other fandom that goes above this one, not even Sailor Moon (though it comes breathtakingly close!) I grew up with it and continued to love it even in my adult years. I first saw it when I was very young, probably about 9 years old and wondered what the fuss was about (I heard some boys talking about it). I instantly fell in love with the show. I don't remember a lot of my childhood since I was picked on and bullied a lot, so I used the shows I watched as means of escape.

I was absolutely head-over-heels for Gohan and for Goku, so I watched it purely for them. I was entirely absorbed into the series, insomuch that when I got home from school, I'd be playing it by myself, talking to myself, etc. I made fan characters (at the time, I made a funny character that was supposed to be Gohan's girlfriend, then another character I made his sister... yeah Mary Sues... I was 10!) and drew them in comics all the time. I spent most of my days and hours immersed in a fantasy of me and this show. I think it was a little over-the-top when I remember now.

This show... it was my escape from reality. It brought me comfort. I admired how strong all the characters were, how they saved the world, the humor, the fun story and of course, the hero. I used up my allowance money to buy the VHS tapes and insisted on the Uncut versions because the one on TV was stupidly edited. My mom bought me the Frieza saga on VHS for Christmas and it was the best present I ever got. I immediately popped the videos in that day and spent the entire night watching it. That was the first time I saw that saga. (Yes it's probably the lamer saga, but when Goku transformed, all my feels were with him!)

I drew enormous amounts of fan art and it's one of the reasons why I even started drawing. I have a lot of my old art and it really brings back really fond memories of my times drawing. I even did some fan fiction way before I knew what fan fiction was! It was terrible because I was 12, but it is what it is. I never had the internet while I grew up, so I was doing this all on my own.

I'm 25 now and this show is still a huge fandom in my life. I've adopted my own tradition of watching the entire series once a year near Christmas. My boyfriend bought me the entire DVD collection last year as a present and my heart sored when he did. He knew how much I loved the series and knew I only had some of it on VHS. I even watch the show, or different sagas, just to feel some comfort when I'm down. This series never fails to make me laugh and bring a smile to my face. It's mostly the memories I have that cheer me up the most, and the characters I first fell in love with.

Only up until recently, I've read the manga and I'd love to own it. Took me a while to track it down, but it's just as good as the anime. It's my next step in my quest for an entire complete collection of this bad ass series!