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About the design

This design's concept was a re-hashing of a previous design I did with my Dragon Ball link directory. I loved the design and I knew I wanted to use that again. I re-created it from the scratch and took elements from various templates I've made to sort of "upgrade" the older design seen in my directory to this newer fancy one.

Dragon Ball Z cannot be summed up in one image; it needs a variety of images to really showcase what the series is about. There are so many characters, so much emotion and story that it can't be depicted in one image. So I decided to make banners for every major battle or saga that the series progressed with, and I started out with the Saiyan saga.

Naturally, I found these images on MiniTokyo. They are taller than they are wider so I made my template accomodate this. I know Cooler isn't a major fight or anything, but the image of Goku and Vegeta is so amazing that I had to throw that in there. I had a few choices to make in regards to the Cell saga, but I ultimately went with the picture you see. I make the pictures rotate with css and a tiny bit of custom javascript.

As for the name of the fanlisting, I chose "Dragon Soul" because I just love the sound of it. It is Dragonball Kai's new theme song for the opening. I think it just rolls off the tongue quite easily and sounds fantastic.