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A hero's story continues

Welcome fellow wanderer to Dragon Soul, the one and only fanlisting for the most popular action anime/manga series ever created, Dragon Ball Z (and its re-release in Kai) created by the awesome Akira Toriyama! I'd like to give my eternal thanks to Amber for adopting this fanlisting to me! I am forever grateful! ♥ My childhood is complete. ♥ ♥ ♥

Dragon Ball Z is the continuing story of a hero named Son Goku (Kakkarot), a Saiyan who was sent to Earth as a baby to destroy it. This story continues his life after he married Chi-Chi and now has a son named Gohan. Through many battles, Goku and his friends grow stronger and learn that life must always be saved.

If you are a fan of this amazing action anime (or manga), please join the fanlisting today and spread the love around! If you'd like to learn more about the series, visit the about page! If you want to learn a bit about why I love this series, you can view my rambles on this page.